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Goals: How to Achieve Them

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Goals: How to Achieve Them

Date April 18, 2007 Number 11

In this Issue:
Why are Setting Goals Important
Are They Really What we Want
Achieving our Goals

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Why are Setting Goals Important

We set goals so that we can achieve the things we want. If our regular activities at work and at home aren't bringing us all the things we want then, we need to set goals to ensure that we achieve what is important to us. But, what is it exactly that setting goals do for us? How is it that they help us get what we want? To begin with, when we set a goal, it is the first step in formulating our intention of where we're going. This way, we can focus on this and put energy into it. Finally, through setting goals, we need to know whether or not we actually achieve them. To this end, when we achieve our goal and then reward ourselves, this conscious action helps to solidify the learning, skills, and experience that we practiced to achieve it. On the flip-side of this, when we're not achieving our goal as planned then, we can problem-solve to figure out where things are going wrong and take new, alternative actions.
  1. set your intention and know where you're going
  2. focus on the goal and put energy into it
  3. know whether you've achieved it and either reward yourself or problem-solve

Are They Really What we Want

When goals aren't achieved, it is often attributable to some conflict or inconsistency for us. Therefore, it is important that our goals reflect our vision for our lives and the values that are currently most significant to us. These two pieces will help ensure that we are motivated to do the work to achieve our goal! We tend to assume that when we set a goal or, think that we have a goal it naturally means this is what we want. Often times this is not the case. Take the extra step to assess your most important values. Keep in mind that values tend to shift some at different stages and times in our life. Add this information with the vision you have for your future. How does the goal reflect your values and vision? If the goal clearly helps in closing the gap between where you are and the vision you have for yourself and it represents your highest values then, you've circumvented needless struggles in the achievement of your goal.
  1. reflects strongest, current values
  2. clearly leads to desired future

Achieving Our Goals

With the clarity of setting your goal and it's consistency with your values and vision, you've designed it to be achievable! Moving forward, make sure that you are challenging yourself and supporting yourself. We all need to push and bolster ourselves along the way. While we're working on achieving our goal, we also need to monitor our progress and evaluate the effectiveness of our strategy and actions. These two final points enable us to develop and stay on track - achieving our goal!
  1. challenge and support
  2. monitor and evaluate

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