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Boutiques for Sole Proprietorships

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Boutiques for Sole Proprietorships

October 4, 2007, Number 14

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*Business News
- The Rowan Report
- Austin Open 4 Business

*Boutiques for Sole Proprietorships

*What's New
- Emotional Intelligence for Productivity and Relationships
- I Don't Work on an Island! How personality elevates teamwork and leadership in organizations

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Business News

For those of you who prepare and conduct presentations, I have found a resource that I've actually referenced a few times. Don't get me wrong, I regularly search for authorities on specific issues and topics! I guess this just surprised me that for the last two or three presentations I have prepared, I actually went straight to this source thinking, "Can you help me with ...?" and there it was. The newsletter is also hosted out of Blogger, and is called The Rowan Report. Here are a couple of recent issue links:

An exciting new business conference is debuting in Austin next week. Austin Open 4 Business, sponsored by Business District Magazine and others, is featuring dynamic keynote speakers and four tracks of presentations and panel discussions for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the areas of: legal issues; funding; sales & marketing, and human resources. You can expect to find me there, all day! Actually, I am moderating a panel discussion on health insurance. For more information and to register, go to . This conference is inexpensive and here is your opportunity to attend for even less - enter the discount code, MAG1408.

Boutiques for Sole Proprietorships

For small businesses, independent consultants and sole proprietors, having a network of trusted experts around them can open the doors to exciting possibilities for business development. The business opportunities can have the look of one of two different paintings. Let's call one painting our Reciprocal Spiral and the other painting our Innovative Dance. The first painting has circular rings spreading out from the core mass at the center. The second painting has lines of different thickness and color, which intersect the central line and create splatters of a whole new color.

Our Reciprocal Spiral is made up of the people who independent business owners are most connected to in work, but who do not work inside their individual business. These are people who support each other in some aspects of their businesses; they likely provide their services or products to each other in some fashion, consult with each other, share social or business associations, and have a fairly sturdy relationship based on mutual trust and respect.
  • thought-partnering
  • business assistance
  • emotional support
  • innovation and creativity
  • introductions and referrals to our businesses
The beauty of the relationships in our Reciprocal Spiral is that a level of trust has been established here, unlike the simple connections made in networking groups. Reciprocal trust, respect, and assistance with other independent consultants, sole props, small business owners, and start-ups largely increase the presence, impact, and reach of the small business!

Our Innovative Dance, on the other hand, occurs when two or more independent proprietors come together and form a novel product or service. The resulting product or service is a unique synthesis of these two or more experts, who may be from very different industries. These businesses team together to create and sell their innovative, very likely, niche product or service. The benefits of teaming up and collaborating with these partners, if you will, are that it adds a whole new dimension to each of the businesses; it may also open up a whole new market for them. But, the benefits to the internal workings of the business owner are invaluable. Motivation is spurred, creativity is inspired, and the workload is shared! The commodity of time is something a single business person cannot ever get enough of.

In both, the Reciprocal Spiral and Innovative Dance models, the business that was once a singular entity, now becomes a "boutique" - a collection of businesses who exude greater credibility, can serve a wider scope of customers, and meet more of the customers' needs. While this article is designed for sole props and small businesses, the principles can be applied in larger companies as well. In some companies it's done all the time. Using your network of co-workers to help get things accomplished and teaming up with certain co-workers to innovate and meet other demands, takes place in the greatest companies all over. Collaboration is the key and fine-tuning the collaborations so that they yield a strategic powerhouse is what eludes many. Stay tuned for upcoming information and resources that map the path to the powerhouse.

What's New

The start to this fall has been equally exciting and busy for Executive Intelligent Coaching. An article I wrote entitled, Emotional Intelligence for Productivity and Relationships, has been published in the newest edition of Business District. It is in the People Matters section and lists action steps for business owners for hiring and leadership. You can read the article online at:

My first video training program is in the finishing stages and will be launched and available on Amazon very soon! I have collaborated with producer Joshua Shipsey, of Communication Simulations, Inc. , to create, I Don't Work on an Island! How Personality Elevates Teamwork and Leadership in Organizations. Look for future news on the event launching this program.

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