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The Leader's Greatest Resource


The Leader's Greatest Resource

June 5, 2008 - Number 16

In This Issue:

* Business News

- 40 days Immersion Project - community
- Logo design workshop
- marketing

* Coaching Article

- The Leader's Greatest Resource

* What's New at EIC

- Right People workshop June 27
- Website phase two

Business News

Immersion Project

During March and April, an Austin entrepreneur used his business to take him on an unprecedented journey. Pushing through “the dip” per Seth Godin’s book entitled the same requires sacrifice that most are unwilling to endure. Godin promises that those who do are typically rewarded with unforeseen business and personal opportunity. That’s exactly what Tom Baum, President and Principal Founder of TRACEe ( seems to have discovered by immersing himself on the streets of Austin for 40 days and nights streaming live video of the homeless population. Tom found that the risks to himself, his marriage and his business, for a good cause, were greatly appreciated by the homeless community and a multitude of partners, sponsors and volunteers. Furthermore, his bootstrapped business (reference: Bootstrap Network ) received a much needed infusion of donated dollars, equipment, services, development and visibility. In fact, Tom claims that this 40 days were more valuable to TRACEe and its future than the 40 or so months in ideation and the valley of death that preceded it! Check out the 40 Day Immersion web-pages hosted by partner Mobile Loaves & Fishes ( and two special news reports generated during the immersion (1) KXAN News: and (2) FOX 7 News:;jsessionid=10B7F4D7470D551A469173C41EF66A3A?contentId=6249376&version=1&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1

In this project, Tom is using his technology and social media, with the support of other businesses, to bring the population at-large, up close to homeless people so they can personally assist this group - who are a tragedy neglected. He is currently in the follow-up stage of the project. Check out what Tom is doing and how his efforts are making a huge difference!

Success in Logo Design

Small business CEOs and executives, in the absence of a VP of Marketing, are often faced with the big question: What are our logo, brand, and marketing designs doing for the company? A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege to attend a half-day workshop put on by Tina Schweiger of Spoonbend, ( a branding and design agency. The workshop was a huge success and very valuable because Tina took us through a series of activities supported with education, which both empowered and enlightened all the executives in the room! Many executives don't spend their time analyzing the visual syntax, color, and typography of their logo and marketing materials. We simply don't have the time or inclination!! Which, it turns out, is exactly why we hire companies like Spoonbend. Before, however, we go to a design company, we can be armed with our profile, Creative Brief, whiteboard, and information that can save us thousands in time and fees! Tina's next workshop is June 20th, contact her at .

Coaching Article

The Leader's Greatest Resource

Regardless the size of the company you work in and your role or position there, when you're in a leadership role, then people are your greatest resource! What's more, it doesn't matter whether you're forming your executive team, working with an intact team, hiring to increase your staff, or collaborating in a network of professionals to support and grow your business, certain characteristics and strategies permeate the companies that cultivate this resource and thereby reap the greater benefits. Through our work, Executive Intelligent Coaching has identified several universal principles and steps to hone and nurture the human capital resource. These principles include:
  • sharpening your attention and self preparation
  • knowing who the right people are and hiring them
  • building a foundation for success (with the staff)
  • knowing when to cut bait and cultivating the right relationships
Understanding the importance of this is critical to a company's future success. First, in the global workplace we're in, the value of people have changed and are now, more of a central focus of the organization. What's more, people want value in their work and they're looking at the values and culture of companies. Essentially, they have become more picky. And, despite the stressed American economy today, knowledge-workers, professionals, and the younger generation often have choices for work because they're willing to trade those bigger paychecks for satisfaction and enjoyment. - They are seeking more balance in their life!

So, the leaders who espouse and actively practice these principles, enjoy many financial and intangible benefits. To begin with, the staff are more appropriately placed in their positions and assigned duties, leading them to be more efficient and productive. They are also more satisfied with their work-life, resulting in improved customer service, less sick leave, increased employee loyalty and less turnover. The staff, in addition, are more collaborative and work together more, which yields a positive contagious culture and builds the reputation of the company, also increasing it's attention as a great place to work!

These principles aren't new and they aren't rocket science! They do, however, have a prevalence and permanence we've not seen before... Stay tuned for more articles on this topic!

Share with us your success stories of hiring the right people, building a great culture, or fortifying relationships with your staff. (contact information below)

What's New

New Workshop

Intrigued by the coaching article today? Are you building your executive team, hiring to increase your staff, creating a business collaboration, or forming a new team in the company? Then this workshop is for you. Sign up to attend the hands-on, half-day workshop that will give you the leadership program to build your company's success! The workshop will be conducted downtown Austin, Friday, June 27. Participation is limited so register now by emailing, calling 512. 947.5447, or reserve online at to save the tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours of your time and build the positive company morale that will help your business grow!

How to Build Your Company with the Right People
Friday June 27, 8:30 - 12:00

Website Phase 2

Thanks to Brian Massey of Conversion Sciences and Rose Holston of Aviso Communications, the Executive Intelligent Coaching website is soon moving to phase two. The site will boast a coaching quiz, more information about the company and our approach, and pages about the different programs. Check out the revised website at the same address: . What's more, for information on online and social marketing marketing, visit Brian's blog at and to learn about SEO and keywords, visit Rose's blog at


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