Thursday, September 22, 2011

5 Practices for Building Trust in the Workplace

2011 - Executive INTELLIGENT blog
September     Building Trust - Enhance Productivity
                                                       and Performance
Individual performance and productivity are affected by the level of trust with ones
superior(s) and within the organization.  Regularly, I come across leaders who view 
themselves as supportive and approachable, yet with a little probing, more often then
not, there is considerable opportunity uncovered for improving their influence and
their accessibility.  When we look at what they are doing, their behavior actually 
conveys, among other things, some unpredictability, aloofness, and/or arrogance. 
This misconception between the way leaders see themselves and the way they are 
viewed by others, is an immediate obstacle to their influence and credibility. 
Furthermore, research indicates that the higher one's position, the greater that...

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