Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Support Yourself Toward Successful Outcomes with Optimism

     April 2013      Executive Intelligent Blog

Optimism offers a multi-directional support to us, as we work to achieve our goals.  Whether our goals are linked to doing something better, doing something different, or doing something new, when we focus our approach with optimism not only are we improving our emotional intelligence and leadership skills, but we are keeping ourselves motivated and simultaneously positively contributing to the culture.

Optimism reflects our attitude and facilitates our problem-solving and decision-making.  Think opposite of pessimism.  It's focus is on seeing the good in things and looking toward possibilities.   The result is such a powerful force in our lives because it impacts us, what we do, and the people around us!  Plus, the research purporting the benefits of optimism is piling up.  When we are optimistic, people want to be around us.  Our enthusiasm is contagious and brings about good things.  Being optimistic can also improve our health.  Studies show that it can reduce the risk of breast cancer in women and the risk of heart attacks in men.

Three things you can do to strengthen your optimism muscle and spread goodness:

     Choose a positive attitude!   - Your attitude, your choice.
     Focus on solutions!   - Think about possibilities and you will have new ideas.
     Look for the good in things!   - Notice what you are grateful for and say it.

For goals to be achieved, we first have to see them in our mind. So it makes sense to focus our thoughts toward positive ends, as they will lead to and create the outcomes we seek.

Have a great week!
Executive Intelligent Coaching Team

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Reach the Outcomes Most Important to Your Success with Executive Coaching

A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives. 
                                                                                               - Jackie Robinson

Are you ready to improve your impact?  This Earth Day, do your part and support the lives you touch as you model, share, challenge, and support.  Yourself, your colleagues, and your company will benefit from customized services to grow your interpersonal and/or leadership skills.

At Executive Intelligent Coaching, we create programs and curriculum to elevate professional communication skills, develop future capabilities and catapult influence, while fostering a collaborative culture in your organization. And, we take that to the next level with our research driven approach, proven DI2 process, and renowned assessments.  

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Happy Earth Day!
Executive Intelligent Coaching Team