Monday, May 20, 2013

Press Release Executive Intelligent Coaching becomes ExecIntel Solutions, LLC

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                     May 20, 2013

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Executive Intelligent coaching becomes ExecIntel solutions, LLC

Austin, TX, May 20, 2013  –  Executive Intelligent Coaching officially launches itself as ExecIntel Solutions, LLC to bring services, information, and additional tools to more clients. 
"The company is growing and expanding our training, online features, and products."
                                                                  President, Nancy Schill
The human capital needs of organizations are ever-growing and technology allows us to bring our tools and expertise to support more people for less because of the numbers we can reach with an expanded forum and format.  No longer will executive coaching support only be possible for those making comfortable salaries or companies with a hefty development budget. The same information will be available to all who are interested in growing their skills and strengthening their influence, through various forms at prices starting below the cost of a movie and popcorn.

ExecIntel Solutions, LLC, helping you achieve the outcomes most important for your success with customized programs and curriculum that elevate professional communication skills, develop future capabilities, catapult influence, and foster a collaborative culture in your organization.

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