Thursday, June 06, 2013

Sure Fire Tips to Help You Do More With Your Time

    June 2013               Executive Intelligent Blog

Do you ever think that your time is leaking away?  How do we get it all done, so that we can enjoy the leisure activities of summer?  When we have our work to do and friends are calling to go the lake, our family is clamoring to go to the pool, or the summer block busters are calling us to the cold, dark theater to see the latest movies....   Check out the time management tips that are incorporated in our new informal class Making the Most of Your Time: Individual Action for Time Management . 

We all can improve and often times we settle into habits that don't serve us well.  With summer upon us, take some time to focus on yourself and practice habits that will help you to become more efficient and allow you to do more.  Shore up efficiency skills and plug the holes in the leaky bucket!

To remedy common time management problems, incorporate the following actions into your day:

  • make a list and know the things you want and need to do
  • organize your materials and information so that you can find everything you need 
  • keep track of the time, know how long you have and when you have to move on to the next thing                
  • push yourself to work diligently with self-talk and get it done on time
  • remind yourself why you want to keep working and not cave into distractions

Wishing you a happy and efficient summer!
ExecIntel Solutions Team

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