Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Collaborative Cultures are Conducive to Productivity, Adaptability, and Revenue

August 2013                   Executive Intelligent Blog

Do you want your culture to support the company goals plus ignite engagement and loyalty in your staff?  You should!  It is the engine that drives the people in an organization! A couple years ago I noted that, "Collaborative culture is where the people of an organization are working in flow, toward a common outcome!"  Focusing on building a collaborative culture will positively impact your workplace, including your bottom line!  For years the research in schools has shown that collaborative cultures generate substantial improvements in achievement and performance, as opposed to traditional cultures.  More recently, technology companies are incorporating aspects of collaborative culture because it is so conducive to the creativity and innovation that is desired in these companies.  Even global and government organizations are reaping higher margins from this collaborative focus.

What is so special about the collaborative culture?  They enable people to meet their primary human needs, which include feeling a sense of control, meaning in a situation, and positive support (Peters and Waterman, In Search of Excellence, 1982).  Furthermore, environments that fulfill these needs have people that are engaged!  The satisfaction and productivity generated in this harmonious environment yield greater sales, revenue growth, efficiency, and profitability.

To build a collaborative culture in your company, look at your values, goals, practices, and peoples' attitudes.  Then, incorporate a shared sense of purpose and interdependence in your business initiatives and groups, specifically regarding the following known influential factors:
               - flexibility
               - responsibility
               - standards
               - rewards
               - clarity
               - commitment

Happy Culture Building!
ExecIntel Solutions, LLC Team

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