Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Set Your Goals and Achieve Your Desires

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Don't make the mistakes of years past.  Set yourself up to achieve your goals this next year!!
Often times we set our goals, thinking about what we want but, we do not think about the conflicts those wants may present in our lives.  Think through whether there are aspects of your life or environment that do not support or that possibly contradict what you are trying to achieve?  If so, it is unlikely that you will achieve your goal!  This understanding should not be overlooked, despite it being a seemingly simple concept.  It is noteworthy because people have an uncanny ability to gloss over details and subtleties that do not fit the image of what they want.

Before you create your goals, consider all the things that are most important to you.  Do they support one another or can they co-exist?  A common example lies in a goal to "achieve more," which requires taking on more responsibility.  This type of goal can create problems for people if they are also trying to have more balance in their life or spend more time with loved ones.  Neither desire is better or wrong. They will likely, however, compete for your time resource.

Preparing to create our goals can definitely help us achieve them!  So, before you set your goals, here are some steps to ensure you get where you want to go. 

1) Get clear about where you are heading and why. 
2) Identify all the things that are most important to you.
3) Set appropriate goals that do not conflict with other aspects of your life.
4) Stay focused, work diligently to achieve your desires, and bolster yourself as needed along the way.

If you are one that likes more information or would like personal support to set and achieve your goals, take a look at our downloadable Coach-in-a-Box or contact us to learn how our coaching services will help you achieve the outcomes that are most important to you.

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                                 Happy Thanksgiving!!

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